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About Us

Old School Training, Modern Approach


Inspired by the greats such as Golds Gym of Venice Beach, Westside Barbell and Super-Training. We combine Old School Training with Modern Sports Science to ensure that all of our members get strong, fit and physically prepared.

Old School S&C is a no-nonsense, practical training facility where all we ask for is hard work, commitment and consistency.

We welcome adults of all ages, genders and levels of fitness. Whatever your goals, we are here to help you meet them.

Not your average gym!


All of our equipment is professional-grade and  our staff are experienced performance coaches.


In a world of Commercial Gyms, Fitness Centres and "Online" training, why not come and see what we have to offer?

Training Options


Walk in and Train


1-2-1 Personal Training

Small Group Sessions

HIIT Classes

Indoor AM Bootcamp